Damele 3 Stone Statement Ring Size 6.75

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Damele 3 Stone Statement Ring Size 6 3/4

Beautiful seafoam green / minty green cabochons, with center having Matrix.

Hand cut cabochons, that I cut from the desired late Tony Cotner collection.  I was fortunate to have collected a good amount of this high quality rough that I am now cutting for you to enjoy.  Loose cabochons also will be sold as well available on the site in upcoming weeks.

Natural stones.  As is common with Damele with matrix, the center has divits in the matrix, it is not smooth.  It does not have any fillers on the surface.  It is natural, not stabilized stone.  Just Beautful as seen in the Images.

Collector Worthy.  Sure to be a prized heirloom.

New item.

Long Statement ring, refer to images.  1 7/8ths long, this beauty is nearly 2 inches long!


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