Handmade Stamped Naja Necklace in Nickel Silver


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Handmade Stamped Naja Necklace in Nickel Silver, New.

Complete set.  Hand strung necklace, Handmade Naja.

Glass beads, individually strung by hand, with a handmade Naja out of nickel silver (not sterling) and hand stamped.  Bezels hold pink coral colored hand cut glass cabochons (that look like spiney oyster in appearance).

Adjustable length clasp allows for 2.5″  of play adjustment

Adjustable 1 foot to 1 foot 1 inch measuring from top of clasp to bottom of Naja depending on which hoop you use on the clasp.

Native American made, hand signed by the artisan “B” in hand done signature letter on rear of Naja.


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