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We strive to provide you with excellent products, and excellent service.

Many of the items you are viewing, if not all, are collected over years in the jewelry business.   Quite a few are Vintage, and many if not most are Pre-Owned.

Only items expressly stating they are New/Unworn are as such.  Loose cabochons are for the most part unused, however, certain cut or faceted gemstones and diamonds will be used, having been removed from pre-worn jewelry.  For the site, all items not marked New/Unworn are to be assumed to be Used/preworn even if not expressly put in the description.

All other items on the site, are Vintage, or pre-owned.

We do not size items upon delivery, nor is it implied that we do.  Items will be described with Images, and referenced in most cases with a Coin as a reference image for size.  Measurements may also be listed, and if not, please Request any measurements before Purchasing.

All sales are Final.  Please review and study your items before making purchases.  Feel free to submit any questions about specific items using the Product Enquiry buttons below the price of any specific item brought up.

For the safety of both the seller and the buyer, all purchases go through PayPal.  The purchases are made directly through the site on a First Come, First Serve Basis.

For those paying by bank transfer, delays may occur which cause an item to sell quicker to someone with instant funds.  The recommended method of payment is by Credit Card, Debit card, or PayPal balance.  Echeck, or bank wire transfer using bank funds pulled from a bank account, takes time to clear the buyers processing bank.  If this method will be used, please notify us in advance.

A relationship may be built for requests to accept direct deposit of funds into bank account, or other means.  However, such transactions will take place on an approved basis and with written notice.

Purchases that then cause buyers remorse are not acceptable parts of buying on Turquoise and Gems, as refunds are not accepted.  I will, however, address returns on a case by case basis but reserve the right for a no-return policy.

There are instances when PayPal service has hiccups and products cannot be ordered, or other unforeseen issues with PayPal.  There are also instances when this website will be worked on, maintained, or modified.  We are not to be held responsible for any time of disrupted internet connection to this site or to a payment processing company.

All users of this website, as well as any Visitor, accepts the terms of this page, and holds us harmless from any potential claim for any reason.



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